Would you like to buy raw milk?

Got Raw Milk???  We do!!!

Please call all milk orders in before coming to pick up.  We can be reached for an order by phone or email:



  • Raw milk is $5.00 a gallon
  • $6.00 in a one gallon plastic jug
  • $3.50 in a half gallon plastic jug
  • $5.50 in a 2 quart glas mason jar (includes $3 jar deposit)
  • $3.25 in a 1 quart glass mason jar (includes $2 jar deposit)

There are four options for milk purchase:

  1.   call or email the day before and you can pick your milk up any time the following day.  Please don’t call after 8:00 pm, we’re farmers and we really go to bed that early.  We will collect email orders up until 3 am.
  2. for same day orders, place your order by 2:30 pm.
  3. get on a weekly schedule and pick your milk up the same day every week
  4. stop by at milking time, 3:30-5:30, and buy milk without preordering

We also sell plain yogurt at $5.00 a quart (32 ounces) or $3.25 a pint (16 ounces), and kefir at $5.00 a quart (32 ounces)

To learn more about raw milk, check out the following links:




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